Our Process

The key to a successful search completion is a successful search initiation.

Our process enables us to achieve key milestones early on in the search life cycle, laying a solid foundation to ensure targeted and effective recruiting. This thorough process ensures a strong slate of candidates for every assignment.

Executive Search Process
Weeks 1–3

Initiate Search

  • Assess Organization & Position
  • Meet Key Constituents
  • Develop Specification
  • Develop Strategy
Weeks 2–5

Identify Candidates

  • Contact Sources & Potential Candidates
  • Screen Candidates
  • Conduct Preliminary References
  • Review Report on Progress
Weeks 6–9

Qualify Candidates

  • Heavy Recruiting Continues
  • Conduct Interviews
  • Conduct Detailed References
  • Review Progress
Weeks 9–12

Select Candidates

  • Final Reference Reporting Completed
  • Client Interviews & Debriefing
  • Continue to Engage Backup Candidates
  • Offer Negotiations & Candidate Counseling