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November 2017 | Steve Stine
Insurance Braces for the Digital Age

When was the last time you spoke to your insurance agent? Chances are, someone was either calling to sell you a policy you didn’t need or to inform you that your claim had been rejected. No wonder the insurance industry has an image problem. More>

November 2017 | Dwain Celistan, Pravesh Mehra
Making Diversity Work

Changing times, mindsets and strategies in the technology and professional services industries. More>

October 2017 | Steve Stine
Digital Remedies for the Consumerization of Healthcare

On the face of it, Asia’s dynamic growth tells a story of unparalleled economic success. People are better off, governments are largely stable, infrastructure has been well planned and executed, and the mood is – for the most part – upbeat. The Asia miracle is in full swing. But with rising incomes come new and unprecedented public expectations for enhanced government support and services. At the cross-hairs lies healthcare. More>

September 2017 | Mike Magsig
The C-Suite Crisis Companies Need to Consider

Companies in a number of industries are facing a potential C-suite challenge—an alarming lack of qualified candidates to fill roles that are likely to become vacant, due to retirement and other factors, in the next 10 to 15 years. More>

September 2017
The DHR Difference

Our partners explain what makes DHR International the best executive search firm for our clients and our consultants. More>

CHROs: The Missing Link in the Higher Education Management Structure

The chief human resource officer plays a critical, impactful and highly influential role in the private sector. Yet surprisingly, in higher education, the position often is not optimally leveraged. More>

June 2017 | Steve Stine
The Rise of Robotics and Its Collision with the Workforce

Will your company survive the workforce disruption triggered by the rise of the robot, powered by a new wave of artificial intelligence? The so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is upon us, and it’s the advent of robotics that promises to reshape global manufacturing as we know it. For corporate leaders, however, deploying robots may prove both a boon and a burden. More>

May 2017
Innovative Life Science Talent Needs

John Baker, managing partner of DHR International's Global Life Science Practice Group, discusses how companies can create impactful solutions for patients. More>

Chief Executive Officers in Private Equity Sponsored Companies

The ideal profile of a CEO in a private equity sponsored company is situational – highly dependent on the investment thesis for a particular entity. More>

April 2017 | Steve Stine
Asia Pacific Retail in Transition

Changing customer behavior, thinning margins, and low brand loyalty are a fact of life in retail. Retailers worldwide have seen their profit margins squeezed, Asia-Pacific included. Omni-channel engagement will become the barometer of profitability as shoppers increasingly demand choice, convenience and service. More>

March 2017 | Steve Stine
China's Coming Healthcare Crunch

Private sector healthcare is booming in China. The floodgates have been officially opened and with each passing week, the government is clarifying its position, giving rise to a wave of domestic, overseas and private equity investment. More>

Chief Financial Officers in Private Equity Sponsored Companies

Some consider the skill set of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to be more “portable” from industry to industry or business model to business model than other senior level members of the executive team. Based on the experience of our clients in the Private Equity Practice, the core financial acumen and analytical competencies of an effective CFO can be appropriately applied in different industry or business settings; however, their success will depend on a multitude of situational factors. Is the CFO who successfully partnered with the CEO to grow a company and related infrastructure from $25 million to $100 million qualified to do the same in a company growing from $250 million to $1 billion? Perhaps not. Stage and proof points from prior experience matter. More>

March 2017
Finding Talent in the Retail Industry

Christine Greybe, president of DHR International discusses insights into the global and functional needs of the retail industry. More>

The Chief Talent Officer: An Evolving and Critical Role in Support of Private Equity Firms and their Portfolio Companies

Private equity investors are placing a greater emphasis on driving operational value in their portfolio companies while, in many cases, holding investments longer. They have also come to realize that executives with the potential to create value and meet aggressive thresholds for investor returns—for the firm, themselves and the management team— are increasingly critical to success. More>

January 2017
Consumer Industry growth challenges and what tomorrow holds

Christine DeYoung discusses the challenges of the Consumer industry and where it is headed in the future. More>