DHR’s Education Practice Group conducts executive searches globally in Higher Education, and K-12 Systems.

DHR’s Education Practice is a global practice which has the ability to serve education clients and their partnerships around the world. We conduct executive searches in all education systems, associations, commissions and foundations. At a time of greater interest in considering leadership from outside the academy, DHR International has the ability to attract diverse traditional and non-traditional talent around a globe. Our exclusive assessment tool - the DHR LSI® - provides insight into the management and leadership style of candidates, bringing scientifically proven data to our clients and enhancing DHR’s search process.Personalized service, integrity, and confidentiality are at the core of who we are and what we do.

DHR's Global Education Practice is designed to assemble highly collaborative teams that include a formidable array of partners, including specialists in finance, law, technology, academic services, student services, health services and sports.

Our search consultants come from the education industry and have significant industry knowledge and relationships. They are committed to building strong relationships with both our clients and candidates. A senior consultant will serve as the lead consultant on every assignment and is assisted by experienced team members through every step of the search.

Our Search Process

Our proven search process, expertise and two year guarantee ensures that we will identify and recruit the most highly qualified candidates. The search process enables our consultants to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We assist our clients in defining the position, developing the search strategy, understanding and analyzing marketplace information and identifying quality candidates. On every search we maintain complete confidentiality for both the candidate and client. Our process promotes innovative and exclusive search solutions. DHR attracts a best talent to higher education around the globe, assesses that talent, and forges partnerships built on trust and commitment.