Investor Relations & Communications

Identifying the right person for the right role is sometimes akin to a blindfolded swing at a piñata — at least that is what we’ve heard from members of the C-suite and executive level candidates.

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At DHR International, we don’t subscribe to this premise. That’s why DHR takes the business of Investor Relations Officer (IRO) and the Chief Communications Officer (CCO) talent acquisition so seriously.

We are advisors to management on how to select the appropriate leader for the designated role. At the same time, we believe hiring the right executive is a two-way street. For the company, we take the time to listen to the organizational requirements, appreciate the cultural environment and factor in the tangible and intangible elements associated with the company and the role. For the candidates, we invest time learning about their career, understanding their strengths and weaknesses and providing honest, candid and constructive feedback.

At DHR, we believe the IROs and the CCOs are your front-line ambassadors. These professionals are an extension of your culture, personify your brand and help calibrate your corporate strategy based on real-time feedback. The IRO and the CCO roles serve as the strategic conduit between the company and its investors, employees, customers, partners and other decision makers. Whether an organization is trying to simplify its story, restore credibility with shareholders, explain complex financial results or enter new markets, the IRO and CCO serve as essential links between internal and external stakeholders and the company.

Technical competence is the price of admission for these functional leaders. Today, crunching numbers, building relationships and navigating across borders are “must haves,” not “nice to haves.” Best in class IROs and the CCOs create an authentic voice and build a credible narrative for the organization — during good times and bad. Simply put, it’s about valuation and brand positioning, and so much more.

We partner with our clients in this critical area of talent acquisition. Whether it is defending an issue involving an investment thesis or protecting the company from a regulatory challenge, DHR is poised to recruit top talent in the investor relations and corporate communications space. DHR’s Investor Relations and Communications Practice Group is staffed with seasoned consultants who are former practitioners, with an uncanny ability to find the candidate most capable of creating value.

We offer more than two decades of functional knowledge and highly trusted relationships to companies and candidates. Our team prides itself on its ability find talent who help companies achieve fair valuation and increase brand and reputational value. Simply put, our mission is to help organizations achieve their ambitious business aspirations by selecting the best executive for the role.