Global search.
Tailored solutions. 

The DHR Difference

DHR is the only global executive search firm that combines unparalleled research capabilities, truly personalized service and creative agility.

That’s the DHR value-add approach. Our consultants are expert in their practice areas, highly responsive and eager to solve problems. DHR will tailor solutions to fit your unique situation.

Two-Year Guarantee

Our clients are served on a highly personal and professional basis. Above all, we will not sacrifice our quality, level of service, or commitment to our clients. We stand behind our work with a powerful, but remarkably simple guarantee. Should a candidate leave or be terminated within two years of the completion of the search, we will recruit another candidate for no additional professional service fee. Of course, as great as our guarantee is, it is very seldom used.

*The two-year guarantee is applicable to US assignments but varies across all other countries. Please contact the local DHR office for details on specific engagements.


DHR utilizes a proprietary technology that integrates project management and database functionality to ultimately support our search process. We employ best-of breed technologies, online tools and databases to further our ability to effectively provide our clients with top leadership.

Unparalleled Research

Our research department conducts a thorough study and market analysis to identify individuals who are contributing to the success of target organizations. This is accomplished through in-depth direct sourcing of target companies, as well as, organizational charts/mapping of competitive companies. We dedicate a vast amount of resources to each assignment, and by approaching recruiting with a strategy going in, we ultimately succeed in changing minds and optimizing the decision process.

Minimized Restrictions

It is industry standard to keep clients off-limits for all recruiting purposes. This client blockage philosophy has restricted many of our larger, publicly traded competitors from recruiting the right candidates for their ever growing client list. Our select client base means that we can recruit from a greater universe of talented candidates. Therefore, DHR presents a larger slate of qualified candidates in a shorter period of time.

Firm-Wide Access

DHR's expansive global network is routinely drawn upon to utilize all available sources, contacts and industry expertise.  Our best in class search process is achieved by firm wide collaboration across borders and our mission to deliver top talent to every client.

Triple Check Assessment

DHR International developed the Triple Check Assessment to help organizations improve their hiring decisions. By combining three powerful and complementary tools, the Triple Check provides a breakthrough approach to evaluating candidates, predicting performance, and making better hiring decisions. Elements include:

Leap Leadership Assessment: Developed by Columbia University PhDs, Leap is proprietary tool that measures leadership traits, preferences, and culture fit.

Competency-based Interviews: Highly structured interviews designed to measure critical competencies essential for success in a new role by deeply evaluating past performance.

360 Degree Referencing: We solicit input from peers, managers, and direct reports to ‘triple check’ our individual assessment reports and to pinpoint potential red flags.

Each of the Triple Check tools provides valuable insights into a candidate. Combined, they help you to compare candidates, avoid mis-hires, and choose the absolute best candidate for your organization.