Dubai: Land of opportunities and base for professional development

Sep 19, 2014 | Al Bayan

There is an increase in demand for C-level employees in Dubai for the retail, construction and the real estate sectors and less in the financial sector and other sectors, said Ayman Haddad, Managing Director of DHR international in the MENA region, a recruiting company specialized in C-level and senior management recruitment in the region, in an exclusive interview with Al Bayan. Haddad said that Dubai is competing with Honk Kong, London and New York in attracting talented and highly experienced executives.

Haddad said that as we approach the EXPO 2020, demand is increasing for those senior executives who are able to handle big projects and achieve growth in a short period of time and with a high profit ratio. This is considered a new trend in retail, hospitality and real estate. The type of skills Dubai needs now are different than those from 10 years ago and local employees should focus on acquiring such skills.

Strong Growth

Haddad added that the Dubai’s market is expected to witness a growth of 4.4% by the end of 2014, bringing it back to a strong growth position, with more interest from different investors for hosting EXPO 2020. Dubai today is considered a regional and international hub for various sectors.

The companies in Dubai put the crises behind them and are working on maintaining good levels of growth, especially now that the big real estate companies are able to pay their debt and financial commitments even ahead of schedule.


Haddad said that the market is more mature and companies are looking for recruiters with an international background to help fill in C-level positions.


Haddad said that Dubai’s vision is to develop into a smart city and the capital for Islamic Finance; that Dubai’s vision and plans will make the market much stronger and will raise demand for specialized skills for the Islamic finance industry.


Haddad said that the region is an important market for DHR and that the firm covers Abu Dhabi, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman and North Africa out of their Dubai office. Haddad confirmed that 80% of the firm’s business comes from the Gulf. Dubai is a hub for international companies in the region and DHR has chosen Dubai as their hub for the region to be close to their clients.


Haddad said that Dubai is a competitive market on an international level and is now attracting talent from all over the world. Dubai is a place to build your career path and reach senior level positions. He also said that senior executives now choose to build their careers in Dubai. The crises in the region in countries such as Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq saw Dubai and Abu Dhabi benefit from an influx of money because they are considered safe markets. The Saudi market is also safe, but it still facing some difficulties.