Tales from Around the Watercooler

Apr 23, 2018 | The Prinz Law Firm

The Tales from Around the Water Cooler Podcast, produced by The Prinz Law Firm, was inspired by both experiences working with employees and employers in a professional capacity as a business law firm as well as personal experiences as entrepreneurs hiring and firing employees. The Prinz Law Firm is the preferred partner in employment, business, and legal strategies for small business owners, professionals and physicians in Chicago.

This episode ofTales from Around the Watercooler digs into the world of the non-profit C-Suite with Mary Lee Montague a top executive recruiter for non-profits as Managing Partner of DHR International’s Nonprofit Division.

In this episode of “Tales from Around the Watercooler“:

  • The differences between non-profit and for-profit approaches to searching and hiring candidates.
  • Why top candidates in non-profit and for-profit are looking for the same soft benefits.
  • Success in crossing over from for-profit to non-profit and visa versa.
  • Mistakes candidates make when interviewing and how to tell stories that are relevant to landing that next desired role.