Women slowly power up hedge fund ranks

Jul 11, 2017 | City A.M.

The gender balance in UK hedge funds and private equity firms, currently painfully lopsided, is incrementally evening out.

The number of female partners at hedge funds and private equity firms jumped by eight percent last year, while male partners increased by just two percent.

Yet the proportion of female partners is still very low, having risen from 13.4 percent in 2015 to just 14 percent last year.

“Hedge funds and private equity houses often have a reputation of being a ‘boys’ club’, which can deter women from entering the profession,” said Simon Mansfield, managing partner at DHR International, an executive search firm which compiled the data.

DHR has noted that there may be a selfish reason for such firms to try and boost their female intake. Some pension funds, such as the New York City Retirement System and APG, have recently added questions on gender balance to their due diligence questionnaires for alternative investment managers. But Mansfield said strategies must be put in place to nurture talent from entry level upwards.