Hire Smart, Hire Right

DHR International developed the Triple Check Assessment to help organizations improve their hiring decisions.

By combining three powerful and complementary tools, the Triple Check provides a breakthrough approach to evaluating candidates, predicting performance, and making better hiring decisions. Elements include:

Leap Leadership Assessment

Developed by Columbia University PhDs, Leap is proprietary tool that measures leadership traits, preferences, and culture fit. Learn more >

Competency-based Interviews

Highly structured interviews designed to measure critical competencies essential for success in a new role by deeply evaluating past performance. Learn more >

360 Degree Referencing

We solicit input from peers, managers, and direct reports to ‘triple check’ our individual assessment reports and to pinpoint potential red flags. Learn more >

Each of the Triple Check tools provides valuable insights into a candidate. Combined, they help you to compare candidates, avoid mis-hires, and choose the absolute best candidate for your organization.

Triple Check

Make better hiring decisions. The Triple Check Assessment provides unmatched insights into candidates, enables you to compare candidates objectively, and identifies the best person for the role. By combining three synergistic methods, Triple Check will help you to hire with confidence.

DHR Triple Check Assessment

In today’s highly competitive business world, making good hiring decisions has never been more important. It has also never been more challenging. Consider:

  • Forty-six percent of new hires leave in 18 months.
  • Four of ten CEOs fail during their first 18 months.
  • The costs of a bad hire can be as much as three times the annual compensation.