Competency-based Interviews

Competency-based Interviews are a powerful tool that matches candidate experiences and behaviors with the requirements of the role. Research suggests CBIs are 51% more predictive of future performance than traditional interviews and assessment alone.

CompetencyWe begin our CBI process by working with the client to identify competencies that the successful candidate must have to hit key performance goals and to overcome challenges along the way. We define competencies as knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to do something successfully or efficiently.

We divide competencies into four categories:

Technical expertise

KSAs critical to performing the role, such as technology proficiency, industry knowledge, or language skills.

Functional expertise

KSAs that are important to the domain area in which the role resides, such as marketing, HR, operations, finance, or sales — or some combination of these functions.


KSAs that are fundamental to leading others, managing teams, and inspiring high levels of performance.

Personal/Culture Fit

The “fit” between the candidate’s style/personality and the organization’s cultural norms and values.

After identifying the competencies, we work closely with our client to select the interview questions that are designed to determine how well each candidate meets the competency requirements for this specific role. A DHR partner — who has received extensive training on the process — conducts the interviews.

Based on the responses, we evaluate the candidate’s level of proficiency for each competency on a five-point scale (1 is less skilled, 5 is more skilled). The quantitative approach allows us to easily compare and contrast candidates, among multiple criteria import