How Leap Was Created

DHR contracted with researchers at Columbia University who were experts in the areas of human development, clinical psychology, scale development, statistical analysis, and cognitive and personality assessment to construct Leap.

Phase I of the development began with a review of the research literature from the fields of social psychology, developmental psychology, neuropsychology, industrial-organizational psychology, and business management to identify the key variables in leadership behaviors.

In conjunction with analyzing relevant literature, our developers interviewed leaders, scholars, and experts in executive search to uncover themes and to build a comprehensive model. Nine dimensions of leadership were identified and described. They created a series of survey questions and initiated a data collection project with nearly a thousand participants.

Throughout Phase I, developers focused on identifying skills and attributes they believed would be valuable to executive search and leadership assessment, based on their expertise in human development, behavior, and psychological assessment. The overarching goal was to identify the factors/attributes that were useful in understanding human cognition, behavior, and interpersonal interactions within the workplace and to predict job performance, job satisfaction and cultural fit.

In Phase 2, a group of DHR International partners from different practice areas and different regions of the world and selected DHR clients were interviewed to gain a practice-oriented perspective into the leadership themes. Sample interview questions included:

  • How do you define intellectual curiosity?
  • From your perspective, what are the important dimensions or components of intellectual curiosity? 
  • Does your definition of intellectual curiosity change depending on the 
  • context or situation? 
  • How do you know if someone has a high degree of intellectual curiosity?

Following completion of the expert interviews and additional literature review, the data was synthesized and the nine Leap leadership dimensions were finalized and more deeply defined. Survey questions were created, reviewed, and finalized.