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Christine DeYoung

Christine serves as Managing Partner of the firm’s Commercial Growth Practice and as a leader of the Private Equity and Consumer Practice groups. Read more >

Christine serves as Managing Partner of the firm’s Commercial Growth Practice and as a leader of the Private Equity and Consumer Practice Groups.

Christine’s extensive marketing and brand management experience within both public and private-equity owned businesses enables her to provide practical insight and perspective for her clients. She is a knowledgeable, engaged and trusted advisor to her clients and consistently brings a contagious passion and energy to assessing talent and creating uniquely consultative, long-term relationships with both candidates and clients. She leads assignments across growth-oriented, C-level roles as well as Presidents, General Managers and leaders of commercial functions (such as Marketing, Ecommerce and Strategy). 

Prior to joining DHR, Christine worked in brand and general management for Procter & Gamble, senior marketing roles within a consumer portfolio of a large, well-known Private Equity firm and leadership role in a growth-oriented strategy consulting firm that served both private equity and Fortune 500 clients.

Christine earned her MBA from the Harvard Business School and her Bachelor of Science in Packaging Engineering from Michigan State University. She is actively involved in leadership roles within the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Boys and Girls club and has held advisory roles for Harvard Business School, the Clean Energy Trust  and Arzu (relief for Afghan women). < Read less



Chicago | North America
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