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Jeanne E. Branthover

Jeanne Branthover is Co-Head & Managing Partner of DHR International’s New York Office.

Jeanne closely partners with her global clients on senior level searches personally managing each assignment. Known for her hands-on approach she consults with her clients on succession planning, organizational change, precision hiring and talent management. She has recruited across industries and functions identifying Boards, C-Suite and senior level decision makers.

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Jeanne Branthover is Co-Head & Managing Partner of DHR International’s New York Office.

Jeanne closely partners with her global clients on senior level searches personally managing each assignment. Known for her hands-on approach she consults with her clients on succession planning, organizational change, precision hiring and talent management. She has recruited across industries and functions identifying Boards, C-Suite and senior level decision makers.

Jeanne is a leader in the firm’s CEO & Board, Advanced Technology and Financial Services Practices. She specializes in placing women on boards and in senior leadership positions as well as ensuring representation of diversity on every assignment in all industries.

Prior to joining DHR, she was Managing Director and owner of Boyden New York, Head of Boyden’s Global Financial Services Practice and spearheaded the firm’s global fintech subsector. Jeanne started her career establishing her own New York based executive search firm, Branthover Associates, which she successfully ran for more than 20 years.

Jeanne appears frequently on television to offer her expertise on the current trends and issues in human capital such as: CEO and human resources strategy in changing environments, as well as analysis of management and compensation issues. She is regularly quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Forbes on leadership, succession planning and market trends.

Jeanne has been named one of the World’s Top 50 Most Influential Headhunters by BusinessWeek. She was featured as a panelist at the Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Summit and the recipient of the 2016 College of Education Award by the University of Maryland Alumni Association. Jeanne has served as the United Way’s first female President of The Community Fund and sits on the University of Maryland College of Education Board of Visitors, NYCC Board, as well as several not-for-profit boards. Jeanne is a strong supporter and mentor to young women in the financial services and technology sectors and is also a regular speaker at both universities and corporations advising on the importance of diversity in the workplace. < Read less



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July 2019 | Thrive Global

Jeanne Branthover of DHR International: "Never assume what members of your team aspire to be in their careers"

Never “assume” what members of your team aspire to be in their careers. One senior member on my team, critical to my day to day operation, shocked me after 10 years by quitting. She told me that her career goal was not to follow in my footsteps as I had assumed and was training her […] More >

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Jeanne Branthover on Diversity in C-Level positions

DHR International Managing Partner Jeanne Branthover speaks about the trend of women and diverse leaders gaining more roles in c-level positions and what they bring to the table. More >

June 2019

Jeanne Branthover - DHR, Leadership trends in Technology

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Pardon the Disruption: Industry's Greatest Opportunity

Determining your company’s readiness for disruption can help you break down barriers to adopting new technologies that are essential for Industry 4.0 More >

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JPMorgan Names Jennifer Piepszak CFO as Marianne Lake to Run Consumer Lending

Whenever Wall Street muses on who may someday replace Jamie Dimon atop JPMorgan Chase & Co., Marianne Lake’s name arises. For six years, she’s guided analysts and investors through the firm’s business as its chief financial officer. More >

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Wells Fargo C.E.O. Could Be Banking’s Worst Job. It’s Open.

Wanted: New chief executive to clean up radioactive mess. Hazmat suit not provided. Wells Fargo is searching for a new leader after its chief executive, Timothy J. Sloan, abruptly resigned on Thursday, having been hounded by politicians, regulators, customers and employees about the halting efforts to overhaul the scandal-tarred bank. More >

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Here’s the new rallying cry for high-skilled workers hoping to get hired at their favorite company: More >

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As more workers get counteroffers in hot jobs market, are there risks in accepting?

As more workers get counteroffers in hot jobs market, are there risks in accepting? More >

September 2018 | White Papers

Board Diversity: Now it’s the Turn of Mid-Caps

The demand for corporate talent diversity has swelled into a powerful social tide that no business leader today can ignore. The arguments for wider diversity throughout the workforce are compelling. While diversity is now a social and moral imperative, a wide range of studies indicate that companies with more diverse boards perform better. More >

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What Senior Traders Really Do When They Quietly Disappear: Become "Consultants"

It’s not easy moving on from a trading job in an investment bank. Not everyone can work on the buy-side, let alone in a hedge fund. Not everyone can make a living working in fintech. Plenty of former traders disappear. Plenty of others become “consultants” or lie low, sometimes for years. More >

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Five things you’ll have to give up if you move from Wall Street to Silicon Valley

It’s still winter on Wall Street, when financial services professionals dream of moving to warmer climes. You could take a vacation and come back when it’s warmer in New York, or you could consider moving to a place like California, either for another financial services job on the west coast or a position at a technology startup or an established Silicon Valley firm. However, look before you leap, because there are things you’ll miss if you move from the New York tri-state area to the San Francisco Bay area. More >

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The three best jobs on Wall Street in 2018

While no one can predict the future, it’s still possible to examine banks’ activities and performance and read the tea leaves to figure out which roles are likely to be best at Wall Street banks in 2018. Our verdict is as follows. If you could work in any role on Wall Street next year, you should choose one of the following: More >

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How to get Wall Street recruiters to respond to you

Sometimes you hit send on an email or leave a voicemail and it’s as if your message entered a black hole, especially when dealing with Wall Street recruiters. They tend to be busy, and they are often only searching for a few specific skills sets or types of experience at any given time based on their clients’ current wants and needs. Still, there are certain tactics you can use to improve the likelihood that they’ll call or email you back, even if you’re not a perfect fit. More >

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You might be more qualified for that job than you think

No degree? No experience? No problem. More >

June 2017 | Bloomberg

JPMorgan Loses Another Potential Dimon Heir as Zames Walks

JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Operating Officer Matt Zames, the intense ex-hedge fund trader who helped clean up the bank’s London Whale debacle and was seen as a possible successor to Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon, is leaving with the aim of running another company. More >

June 2017

Jeanne Branthover on Trump's Budget for 2018

Jeanne Branthover, managing partner, discusses President Trump's proposed parental leave program and 2018 federal budget on CLEARCUT with Michelle Makori. More >

May 2017 | USA Today

Full-time jobs are easier to get

For years, the nation’s solid job growth and tumbling unemployment have been tainted by the shadow of millions of underemployed Americans not counted in the official jobless rate. More >

May 2017 | eFinancial Careers

What are your weaknesses? How investment bankers should NOT answer this interview question

Investment banking job interviews involve plenty of technical and competency based questions, but you’ll inevitably face the generic HR-style stumbling blocks, which are still surprisingly important. Chief among these is a question asking what your biggest weaknesses are. Investment bankers aren’t exactly known for self-reflection and are more likely to try present strengths carefully disguised as seeming weaknesses. This will annoy your interviewer. More >

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Your banking bonus is lousy? Here's why

While 2016 certainly had its bright spots, there are going to be a lot of lousy bonuses in particular areas across the financial services industry. If you get a small bonus or none at all, ask yourself, is it bad because you are terrible at your job and you didn’t perform well compared to your peers? Or is it because your company didn’t perform well even though you did great? More >

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Why you want to work in banking, irrespective of the downsides

It is no secret that investment banking isn’t an easy career path. The work-life balance tends to be skewed heavily toward the former at the expense of the latter, and pay isn’t what it was at the industry’s peak. Further, in some circles, there is still a bit of a stigma attached to investment banking, especially since the financial crisis, fair or not. More >

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Out of work for six months or more? Here's why you can't find a job

The labor market ended 2016 on a positive note. The unemployment rate is low at 4.7%. Employers are increasing wages to snag fewer available workers. That all sounds good, at least until you ask about 25% of Americans out of work. More >

December 2016 | eFinancial Careers

Six dos and six don’ts of networking on Wall Street

Many of the most prestigious, best-paying jobs on Wall Street aren’t posted, making networking absolutely critical. Don’t just pick up the phone and start dialing, though – networking is a bit of an art form. Here are the six dos and six don’ts. More >

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Learn From the Cubs’ Triumph to Make Your Own Career Win Last

The Chicago Cubs’ World Series win—a phrase that, until last night, was a 108-year-old oxymoron—is making waves that will ripple far beyond Lake Michigan. More >

November 2016

Branthover received UMD Alumni Award

Jeanne Branthover, partner, Financial Services Practice, received a Universtiy of Maryland Alumni Award during the annual UMD annual Awards Gala More >

October 2016 | Bloomberg

Here's How Goldman Sachs Lays People Off

The first “plant layoff” notice came in February: 43 people would lose their jobs. The second arrived six weeks later, increasing the cuts to 109 workers. Then a third, in April, for 146 more. And a fourth, in June: 98. Three more notices followed, including 20 dismissals announced last week. The “plant” in question -- Goldman Sachs Group Inc. More >

October 2016 | Bloomberg Markets

It's a Family (Office) Thing

Not so long ago, T.F. Meagher worked at a hedge fund. It was a successful hedge fund, too—the $6 billion UBS O’Connor, which was actually gaining assets instead of losing them, unlike so many other hedge funds of late. More >

August 2016 | USA Today

No degree? No problem as tight labor market changes the game

Partner Jeanne Branthover talks about how hiring is changing in a tight labor market. More >

July 2016 | Bloomberg

Cole Said to Approach Ex-Goldman Colleagues to Start Venture

DHR International Partner Jeanne Branthover comments on former co-chairman of investment banking at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Chris Cole's new venture to advise companies on mergers and acquisitions. More >

May 2016 | eFinancial Careers

Essential skills that will keep you employed on Wall Street until 2026 and beyond

While 10 years might not seem so long in the course of a lifetime, a decade may as well be an eternity when it comes to the financial services job market. Professionals across the sell-side and the buy-side alike have to navigate the cyclical nature of the markets and the industry as a whole, bouncing back after downturns and layoffs and savoring the salad days and the meaty bonuses while they last. To have staying power in the financial services industry, you have to be able to adapt to constant changes and continue to update and expand your skill set. Here are the essential skills you should have to ensure that you survive on Wall Street and thrive within the industry at least until 2026, and hopefully even longer. More >