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At DHR International, we know that the leaders you’re seeking to guide your organization are already preparing for the unknowns of tomorrow’s challenges.

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Karl Johnson on Digital Acceleration

"Digital transformation is a bit like building a brick wall. In organizations where this isn't going as well, people are doing a great job of creating the bricks, but they're ending up with a brick pile." Hear more from Karl Johnson, Lead, Global Change and Organizational Development at Cargill.

George Azih on Diversity and Inclusion

"We thought we had come up with a parenting plan that was fair and equal to everyone.... Based on feedback, we scratched the entire plan and came up with something that we felt was right." Hear more from George Azih, CEO & Founder of LeaseQuery.

Ehtisham Rabbani on Agility

"John Adams famously said, 'Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.' I absolutely believe that. Rapidly identifying and capitalizing on those opportunities in times of change is the definition of competitive advantage..." Hear more insights from Ehtisham Rabbani, CEO of SteelSeries.

Bruce Hoechner on Purpose

“We decided that our philosophical approach to things as a company would drive our decision-making. And once we put it through that filter of things like, ‘live safely,’ the decisions were relatively easy to make...” Hear more insights from Bruce Hoechner, President & CEO of Rogers Corporation. 

Everett Harper on Diversity & Inclusion

“We know there's great talent everywhere. And, so you start to get a knitting of a lot of different perspectives on a variety of different areas. And I think this may be the way of the future..." Hear more insights from Everett Harper, CEO & Founder of Truss.

John Walsh on Digital Acceleration

“Increasing our digital capabilities, including reskilling our employees, helped position us to better serve our clients as we move into the future..." Hear more insights in this interview with John Walsh, Chief Strategic Accounts & Global Sales Officer at Accenture.

Chris Ahern on Agility

“Be comfortable being uncomfortable. As a leader, there are going to be a lot of scenarios where you are forced to make a decision when you may not necessarily have all the information you need...” Hear more insights from Chris Ahern, CEO of ZAGG.

Everett Harper on Purpose

“We wanted our values not to be like an IBM poster, but something that people could live and could act upon on a daily basis..." Hear more insights from Everett Harper, CEO & Founder of Truss.

Khori Dastoor on Agility

"There isn’t a rule book for this moment in time. What I think is best for my business is what we’re going to do and we’re going to do it with confidence and optimism." Hear more insights from Khori Dastoor, General Director of San Jose Opera.

Vijay Advani on Diversity and Inclusion

“Research has shown that firms that demonstrate racial, ethnic or gender diversity in management are associated with a higher likelihood of financial out-performance.” Hear more insights from Vijay Advani, Executive Chairman and past CEO of Nuveen, in this video.

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Future Ready Healthcare Leaders: Shaping Talent & Organization to Drive Opportunities

There’s a new B.C.: Before COVID. That means A.C., After COVID, is on the horizon. We still have so many questions: What will the world of Healthcare look like? What new skills will be required to react to public health needs?