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March 2020
Is Your Board Prepared For the Impact of COVID-19?

It is always the Board’s responsibility to make plans that protect the organization and its stakeholders from harm. Until the COVID-19 impact is better understood it is impossible to make conclusions about how good – or bad – the situation may be. As the COVID-19 virus moves into North America, NOW is the time to execute good governance responsibility. More>

Hospital Leadership Roles Get Shot in the Arm from Evolving Patient Care Needs

Health care organizations are increasingly moving away from hospital-based, inpatient care to community-based models that focus on prevention and sustaining well-being – as well as meeting the social needs of vulnerable patients. Specific approaches vary at health systems across the country but are, in some cases, paving the way for new leadership roles. More>

February 2020 | Keith Giarman, Martin M. Pocs
Human Capital Best Practices in PE-Funded Companies

Summary of Findings for DHR’s Fifth Conference Addressing Human Capital Issues in PE Funded Companies More>

February 2020 | James Abruzzo
2020 Nonprofit Forecast

It’s the turn of a new decade, and several social, technological, economic and political forces promise to shape the future of the nonprofit sector. Some are already in play – or have been for some time – and are already challenging nonprofit organizations. They have the potential to fundamentally transform the sector. I’ve outlined eight predictions here; a convergence of these factors will alter the landscape, necessitating a major shift in the way nonprofit organizations operate. More>