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Future Ready Leaders: Energizing Your Employees Through Purpose

Two executives share how cultivating a purpose-driven company attracts passionate workers who become innovative leaders More>

September 2021 | Sara Garlick Lundberg
5 Hiring Insights from Executive Recruiters

In June, the Labor Department reported 10 million open jobs, and a record ratio of openings to hires. What are executive search consultants seeing, and how should you react? More>

Q3 2021: Global CEO Perspectives

At DHR, we are globally engaged with Chairman and CEO conversations about effective board governance. The world is quickly changing, and with it, evolving governance can lead to stronger corporate value creation for all stakeholders. More>

Future Ready Leaders: Diversity Isn’t a Trend, It’s a Cultural Reset for Your Organization

How to attract and retain diverse talent, start inclusive conversations, and facilitate meaningful change in your organization. More>

Future Ready Leaders: The Dos & Don’ts of Digital Transformation

Discover which strategies have proven successful for two executives leading digital transformations — as well as their advice for sidestepping common pitfalls. More>

Future Ready Leaders: The Lasting Power of Agile Transformation

How three leaders harnessed crisis as a catalyst for change within their organizations―and you can, too. Last year, agility went from business buzzword to absolute necessity, with leaders forced to trust their instincts in order to help their businesses survive and keep employees safe in the face of myriad challenges. But now that things are slowly returning to normal, you’re faced with yet another impossible task: striking the perfect balance between standardizing your operations again and pursuing innovation. More>

How We’re Working: 2021 Survey of Nonprofit CEOs

At the start of 2021, we decided to take the pulse of our nonprofit partners and learn how the last year has impacted the way organizations operate. Our findings represent a promising picture one year into a pandemic that has challenged our community in ways we never could have imagined. More>

March 2021
4 Talent Learnings from the Canadian Cannabis Sector

2020 was a highly momentous year for the legal cannabis industry in the United States. From being deemed essential at the onset of the pandemic, to legalization measures passing in five more states, the space continues to expand and rapidly evolve. Each day we observe new and unexpected dynamics, and growing opportunities on a global level. More>

February 2021 | Geoffrey Hoffmann
Sourcing Inspiration-Amanda Augustine

The Sourcing Inspiration podcast is hosted by Geoff Hoffmann, CEO of DHR International, and features the motivational, heartfelt stories of our employees. This episode features Amanda Augustine and her story about how she stays motivated and positive while also waging a life-long battle with a serious illness. More>

January 2021 | James Abruzzo
Succession Planning for Nonprofit Organizations

Preparing for planned and emergency nonprofit CEO transitions. The nonprofit CEO is critical to an organization’s success. While nonprofit CEOs usually enjoy lengthy tenures, transitions are inevitable. And the transition to a new leader can be problematic and expensive or an opportunity for positive change. More>