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Driving Toward Carrier Digital Transformation

The telecommunications industry has historically been at the vanguard of change, both in applying cutting-edge technology to its own infrastructure and operations, as well as pushing bleeding edge services to its customers. In particular, over the past 50 years, communications service providers (CSPs) have faced a non-stop evolving business and technology environment. A shifting regulatory environment and lightspeed advances in services have created an incredibly dynamic and competitive market environment. More>

July 2018 | Martin Nass
AI Invades Real Estate Impacting Companies, Talent Recruiting

Artificial intelligence is in the news. It’s mostly associated by the general public with the intriguing notion of self-driving cars and sentient robots in television and films. What artificial intelligence, or AI, actually is, though, is simply the theory and development of computer systems that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. More>

July 2018 | Keith Giarman
Doug Albregts, CEO of Sharp Electronics, Cares More About What You've Done Than Where You're From

Doug Albregts, President/CEO of Sharp Electronics, sits down with DHR International to give insight into his working philosophies and background. Among his comments, Mr. Albregts explained that the right background and experience - and some core basic values - creates an easy-going culture of cooperation. More>

March 2018
Challenges Within the Healthcare Information Technology Industry

Managing Partner Bonnie Sharps explains the internal and external challenges facing the Healthcare IT industry today. More>

Human Capital Best Practices in PE Funded Companies

On Thursday October 26, 2017 in Sausalito, CA, at the Cavallo Point Inn — a historic landmark overlooking San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge — nearly 40 professionals from the Private Equity community convened to address and discuss human capital best practices. More>

Large law firms rethink their strategies for talent

The impact of technology, globalization and competition More>