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The Four Trends Making CIOs Crucial for Middle-Market Companies

In the Crisis and Beyond, The Chief Information Officer Can Make or Break a Company – and its Valuation. More>

October 2020 | Mike Magsig, Bonnie Sharps
The Road Back: Independent Chairs on Private Equity Boards Serving a Dual Purpose

As companies begin the recovery from the pandemic, the most capable leadership will prove a crucial factor in the ability to survive and thrive. The following article provides suggestions, based on DHR's significant client experience with the boards of private equity firms, on how independent chairs can help boost the performance of portfolio company CEOs. More>

September 2020 | James Abruzzo
Museums Need a Code of Ethics

The controversies over art museum directors’ compensation, particularly during COVID-19, led me to think more broadly about the topic of museums and ethics. In a NY Times article on the disparity of compensation between highly compensated museum directors and relatively low paid rank and file employees, I was quoted as saying, “The differentials are too large. Boards need to take a more valued approach to how their institutions treat their people.” I expand upon this statement to make a larger point about the ethical responsibility of arts organizations and their leadership. More>

Future Ready Healthcare Leaders: Shaping Talent & Organization to Drive Opportunities within System Providers After COVID 19

There’s a new B.C.: Before COVID. That means A.C., After COVID, is on the horizon. We still have so many questions: What will the world of Healthcare look like? What new skills will be required to react to public health needs and drive system growth? How will that shape the healthcare organization of the future and its talent needs? More>

June 2020 | Consumer, Retail
Conscious Consumerism: Purpose-Driven Brands: Pre & Post COVID-19

As conscious consumerism gains more traction in the marketplace, there are distinct ways you can lead your business in a way that breeds success while doing some good for our global community. More>

Succession Planning During a Crisis: What you need to know now

The last couple of months have been a wake-up call for many organizations. The potential effect of COVID-19 on executive health has made Boards cognizant of the need to review their succession planning processes. More>

April 2020 | Advisory Services
Hiring a Leader? Accelerate Their Success with Virtual Onboarding

Becoming the leader of a team is an exciting but also stressful time, especially when compounded with navigating a new role during the COVID-19 pandemic. How can companies best prepare newly hired or newly promoted leaders to be successful in their roles when offices are closed, and in-person connections aren’t possible? More>

April 2020 | Executive Search
Virtual Interviews in 2020: Tips for Leaders and Candidates

In this “new normal,” how can hiring managers replicate the in-person ability to assess personality and capture those essential non-verbal cues? And how do candidates stand apart and showcase their soft skills and unique personal attributes? More>

March 2020 | Advisory Services
Elevate Partners - Tips to Keep Your Team Engaged

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders are confronted with the task of keeping their teams engaged and motivated while facing the crisis. Keeping your team together and thriving doesn’t have to be overwhelming with the right strategies in place. Here are three tips to keep your team moving forward and examples from firms who have created strategies that work. More>

March 2020
Is Your Board Prepared For the Impact of COVID-19?

It is always the Board’s responsibility to make plans that protect the organization and its stakeholders from harm. Until the COVID-19 impact is better understood it is impossible to make conclusions about how good – or bad – the situation may be. As the COVID-19 virus moves into North America, NOW is the time to execute good governance responsibility. More>

Hospital Leadership Roles Get Shot in the Arm from Evolving Patient Care Needs

Health care organizations are increasingly moving away from hospital-based, inpatient care to community-based models that focus on prevention and sustaining well-being – as well as meeting the social needs of vulnerable patients. Specific approaches vary at health systems across the country but are, in some cases, paving the way for new leadership roles. More>

February 2020 | Keith Giarman, Martin M. Pocs
Human Capital Best Practices in PE-Funded Companies

Summary of Findings for DHR’s Fifth Conference Addressing Human Capital Issues in PE Funded Companies More>

February 2020 | James Abruzzo
2020 Nonprofit Forecast

It’s the turn of a new decade, and several social, technological, economic and political forces promise to shape the future of the nonprofit sector. Some are already in play – or have been for some time – and are already challenging nonprofit organizations. They have the potential to fundamentally transform the sector. I’ve outlined eight predictions here; a convergence of these factors will alter the landscape, necessitating a major shift in the way nonprofit organizations operate. More>