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October 2019
S_HIFT_To_Future of Automotive: The Next Frontier in the Automotive Industry

Creating ecosystem-driven customer experiences More>

October 2019
Future Proofing your Business in an Era of Disruption

Discover insights and predictions from some of the industry's most eminent practitioners in Digital Transformation. More>

October 2019
S_HIFT_To_Future of Healthcare: Bridging the Care Gap

How to shape the informed patient journey through empathetic experiences and succeed in your healthcare digital transformation. More>

October 2019 | Jose Martinez
Stop Searching for a Digital Hero

Why You Need to Customize Your A-Team in the Age of Digital Transformation. More>

August 2019
S_HIFT_To_Future of Retail: Are you ready for the Hyper Connected Shopper?

Shopping is potentially the area of human behavior that has been most widely changed by digital technology. Today’s shopper expects their experience to be invisibly shaped around them,tat any time, at their fingertips. More>

Pardon the Disruption: Industry's Greatest Opportunity

Determining your company’s readiness for disruption can help you break down barriers to adopting new technologies that are essential for Industry 4.0 More>

June 2019
Challenges in the Industrial Sector

Lisa Walker, Managing Partner of DHR International's Global Industrial Practice discusses how the industrial sector is evolving and the impact it’s having on traditional business models. More>

May 2019
Private Equity Recruiting: The Widening War for Leadership

Leadership is the new bottom line for private equity operating executives seeking top talent for their portfolio businesses. Here's why. More>

April 2019 | Theo de Roij
Market Access: Challenges and the Quest for Talent

Market Access (MA) is the process that ensures all appropriate patients who would benefit get rapid and maintained access to (new) products at the right price. Qualified people, who can successfully take on an MA leadership role, are in high demand and there continues to be a shortage of talent. More>

Why Now Is the Time to Have a CHRO on Your Board

Few would argue against the vital importance of a robust business strategy in establishing direction and planning growth for a company. Strategy, however, represents only half the formula for corporate success. Without a forward-looking human resources plan, a subset of the business strategy designed to maintain and engage the people required to execute the strategy at every level, even the best strategy is of little use. More>

January 2019 | Keith Giarman
Chief Financial Officers in Private Equity Sponsored Companies

Some consider the skill set of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to be more “portable” from industry to industry or business model to business model than other senior level members of the executive team. Based on the experience of our clients in the Private Equity Practice, the core financial acumen and analytical competencies of an effective CFO can be appropriately applied in different industry or business settings; however, their success will depend on a multitude of situational factors. Is the CFO who successfully partnered with the CEO to grow a company and related infrastructure from $25 million to $100 million qualified to do the same in a company growing from $250 million to $1 billion? Perhaps not. Stage and proof points from prior experience matter. More>

January 2019 | Keith Giarman, Mike Magsig
Chief Executive Officers in Private Equity Sponsored Companies

The ideal profile of a CEO in a private equity sponsored company is situational – highly dependent on the investment thesis for a particular entity. More>