Customers Want an Omni-Experience and They Want it Now.

Are you Ready?

White Papers | May, 2017

By Will Parkhouse

With smartphones in their hands, search, social and shopping at their fingertips, today's customer demands more. They are not just the right now generation, in the age of the intimate algorithm that shapes their digital experience around their context, beliefs and behaviours they are the right-for-me generation. 

They expect brands to not just deliver seamless experience across channels, they expect brands to enable them to shape their product and experience to their needs in all channels. In fact by 2018 20% of industry leaders will allow customers to build custom product and services giving them control over the experience.

Delivering this level of omni experience requires deep digital transformation (DX). DX efforts require collaboration across the organization. But IDC believes that by 2018, 70% of siloed digital transformation initiatives will ultimately fail due to insufficient collaboration, insourcing or project management.