Executive search to appoint European leadership team for novel start-up med-tech business launch

Case Studies | February, 2013


Our client had secured significant VC funding to launch their novel technology – a step-change product that has the potential to revolutionize treatment of a wide range of chronic diseases.

As a Med-tech development company they have a wealth of R&D expertise and had recently appointed a CEO but as yet had no commercial infrastructure. Our task was to work with the CEO to appoint General Managers who would lead the strategic and operational launch of the business across Europe.


In order to retain their competitive advantage, the company was keen to have the General Manager for their first-launch market – the UK – on board within four months of our first briefing. At the same time they wanted to identify and engage with potential General Managers for the other European launch countries, so that they could be hired over a two to six month period thereafter.

As well as requiring a swift, comprehensive and carefully timed European search, the client wanted to appoint from the top leadership talent within their closest competitors, which required a highly sensitive and confidential approach.

Last but certainly not least, we were searching for people with the skills and inclination to leave the established industry giants for a leap into a pure entrepreneurial start up during the economic slowdown.


We committed a team of consultants and researchers to conduct a highly targeted pan-European executive search among the leaders in this sector – identifying, mapping, profiling and evaluating the sector’s top talent; industry leaders with strong technical, business leadership and customer relationship skills.

We researched over 200 potential candidates across Europe, then approached and evaluated the best qualified 45 potential candidates. From these competency-based evaluations, we identified and attracted the best three people per country for interview with the client.


The client has hired the General Manager for the UK. In addition, we have identified and evaluated individuals for the General Manager positions in the other European markets for when these are required.


Complex executive search and appointment timelines achieved. All client deliverables met or exceeded – time, quality, outcome. Client has since engaged us on other important