Global Financial Team Build-Out

Case Studies | January, 2013

By Donald M. Kilinski


A $1 Billion US branded, generic pharmaceutical company acquired a firm in India and shortly thereafter a division of another larger global pharmaceutical group, which had expanded their company into Europe and Asia. The company quickly exceeded $3 billion in size.

While the whole India-based leadership team was acquired in the transaction, none of the Finance team in Europe or Asia was acquired in the other larger transaction. Since the firm had previously only had operations in the US, they did not have a global finance team in place and needed to quickly build out those capabilities, particularly at their headquarters location. Being a public company, there was a lot of pressure on the CFO and Controller to get the necessary talent on board quickly.


A team was put together to address the numerous needs in the following areas of the Finance team:

  • Tax
  • Treasury
  • FP&A
  • Financial Operations
  • Accounting (Controllers)

We worked with the client, using the organization charts of other global clients for whom we had knowledge, to develop the ideal organization chart for the company based on their present employee skill sets and their newly required and expanded employee skill sets.

We then set out to recruit the employees needed to fill the most critical needs identified. In doing that search work with the required “laser-like focus,” however, we also used our “peripheral vision” to identify candidates for other known openings that were not as critical.


Our client was able to quickly and precisely recruit the necessary talent to fulfill the required roles and responsibilities of a large, publicly-traded, global company. They did so with our expert assistance and without any extra costs being incurred.