Secure Diverse Talent in Challenging Situations

Case Studies | October, 2013

By Dwain Celistan


Most organizations have challenging positions to fill.  The issue is to find talent that is technically competent and culturally in sync with the new organization.  In addition to these typical requirements, many organizations are also aware of the benefits of adding more diverse leaders to their staffs.

A very large energy firm had this situation in their procurement group.  Two positions were open and had been vacant for roughly a year following internal efforts and those of another search firm.


DHR International, led by Executive Vice President Dwain Celistan, was selected to fill the two roles.  A successful candidate pool and process would include the following:  1) come from a narrow industry group; 2) include diverse talent; and 3) achieve desired score on two third party assessments.

We sourced talent as requested with extra effort invested to identify diverse candidates.  For clarity, a candidate is only someone who meets the technical requirements of the position.


Following an extensive interview process, we filled the original two positions with diverse candidates.  The pool proved to be so rich that a third candidate was selected for another position.  This third candidate was also diverse.

Net, we were able to fill challenging and important roles with diverse talent.  This model can be replicated for your organization.