DHR Board Architecture Project
Plan Overview 


Phase 1: Project Kickoff

Business Analysis and AS IS State Review

  • Provide client with full data request and scoping of requirements
  • Review current business plan documents and governance
  • Review current compensation for both executives and board directors
  • Define peer group comparators by class, size, and industry, along with business stage
  • Understand available equity pool and value
  • Review full financials

Phase 2: Framework Development

Develop the Board Architecture

  • Develop full board needs assessment and “fill to skill” framework
  • Director specifications for each seat
  • Develop board seating plan with mix of advisory board members from current set, PE investor reps, and outside directors

Phase 3: Recruitment

Develop the Board Constituency and Fill

  • Develop full slate of candidates for each role
  • Screen prospective board members
  • Provide initial recommendations for Advisory Board
  • Assist with offer negotiation
  • Place successful candidates