Aerospace & Defense 


Our Mission

The Aerospace and Defense Sector is a part of DHR’s Global Industrial Practice. Our mission is to develop a results-driven, trusting partnership with our clients. Our Consultants offer clients access to outstanding candidates, unmatched industry expertise and the advanced technological resources needed to ensure exceptional service and enduring client relationships.

Search Expertise

DHR has successfully placed executives for the full range of functions and industries that encompass the Aerospace and Defense arena. With unrivaled experience and market expertise, our Consultants have the proficiency to quickly distinguish exceptional talent throughout the world.

Industry Focus:

  •  Major Defense Contractors

  •  Space

  •  Civil / Business Aviation

  •  Engineering Services

  •  Manufacturing / Supply Chain

  •  Homeland Security

  •  Commercial Aerospace

  •  Venture-P/E Backed Enterprise

  •  Airline / Carrier Services

Functional Focus:

  • President / CEO

  • COO / Operations

  • CFO / Financial

  • CIO / Supply Chain

  • Business Development

  • Marketing / Sales

  • Human Resources

  • Program Management

  • Engineering