Agribusiness and Commodities

“We were impressed by DHR’s depth of network across our space, from potential CEOs to agronomists. They presented nothing but quality candidates to augment our busy team. DHR’s  approach to hiring has embedded them as an integral part of our team.”

— President, Agribusiness Company

Agribusiness and Commodities

Regardless of their size, food producers face increased government regulations, shifts in the labor force, environmental changes, and intensifying demands from manufacturers and consumers alike. At the same time, technologies such as IoT and predictive AI hold promise to help improve yield and better forecast output.

DHR International helps find talent across the agribusiness sector – people who know the industry and can provide leadership for businesses ranging from major, global agricultural producers to specialized, up-and-coming specialty food ingredient farms.

Executive searches for agribusiness and commodities companies in:

  • Agrochemicals
  • Agrotechnology 
  • Commodities trading houses
  • Distributors, transportation and other food supply chain businesses
  • Food and ingredient processing
  • Seed and animal feed producers

DHR candidates are ready to get to work. Our candidates maintain a 90% offer-to-close ratio.

Want to know how DHR can help your executive recruiting efforts? Contact one of our DHR consultants who specializes in agribusiness and commodities.