Large differences in regional energy prices are set to affect industrial competitiveness, influence investment decisions and company strategies. The rise of light tight oil in the United States will play a major role in meeting global demand growth over the next decade, but the Middle East — the only large source of low-cost oil — will remain at the centre of the longer-term oil outlook. India is set to overtake China in the 2020s as the principal source of growth in global energy demand. (WOE, 2013)

Energy is a key pillar of DHR’s Industrial Practice. This sector is critical to the development of industry, trade, commerce and the overall economic growth of a nation. Modern society’s consumption is far outstripping the current production levels. Countries and industry (as a whole) are constantly challenged to create innovative means by which to bridge this ever growing gap.

The competition for top talent is fiercer than ever. The ability for senior leaders to adapt, to make decisions quickly in situations of high uncertainty and to steer through wrenching change is critical. At this time large organizations are finding it difficult to attract and retain top talent especially with global experience. Thus, successful organizations tend to partner with firms who, not only assist in recruiting and retaining highly qualified leaders, but also offer industry insights on the skills and talent trends. This gives them the competitive edge in the market-place. The companies and organizations that can identify, attract, hire and retain the future leaders will be the companies that will win “the war on talent”.

DHR International’s Energy Practice has consultants who are experts in the areas listed below. DHR consultants have worked for and with the world’s most successful organizations in the industry not only helping to build their leadership teams but have in many cases been part of those leadership teams.

Oil and Gas (Upstream. Midstream, and Downstream)

  • Exploration and Production — Deep Water and Shallow; Onshore and Offshore; Conventional and Unconventional (shale gas, heavy oil); Technical: Engineering, Geology, Geophysics, Land, Environmental
  • Oil Field Services - Consulting services, Technology, Drilling, Completions, Fluids, Seismic, Well Logging, etc.
  • Transportation and Pipelines, Supply and Distribution — Surface, Deep-Water, Heated Pipelines, Coatings and Polymers, etc.
  • Pipelines, Terminal Management Solutions, Automation solutions, Retail Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) — onshore/offshore
  • Regulatory and Risk
  • Supply Chain, Procurement, and Financial

Power and Utility — Solid Fuel, Renewable, Cleantech

  • Wind, Biomass, Solar
  • Nuclear
  • Coal
  • Generation
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Trading
  • Retail
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Regulatory and Risk
  • Supply Chain, Procurement, and Financial