Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure

Global construction perspectives and Oxford Economics out of the UK forecast that the construction and engineering industry will grow “more than 70% to $15 trillion worldwide by 2025.”

Consultants in DHR’s Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure Specialty Area have a deep understanding and hands-on experience working with some of the largest companies around the globe. DHR is strategically positioned with office locations in some of the busiest construction markets in the world; whether it be a high-rise development in Hong Kong, a large LNG Project in Qatar, a $15 billion mining project in Peru, a $2 billion metro project in India, the Architectural division of Walt Disney or a $10 billion oil sands project in Canada.

DHR’s expertise extends to the following areas in the engineering/construction company as well as the owner/operating company:

  • Engineering, Construction and Procurement/Management (EPC, EPCM)
  • Transportation – Highway, Rail, Ports, Airline, Parking, Bridges, Dams, Deep Sea Pipelines, Tunnel Boring
  • Facilities, Infrastructure, Refineries
  • Architecture and Design
  • Commercial and Residential development
  • Construction and Project Management
  • Building Materials and Building Services
  • Health Safety and Environment (HSE)
  • Supply Chain, Logistics, Contracts and Procurement
  • Construction and Infrastructure Management and Infrastructure Advisory
  • Sustainable Construction

The talent within the engineering, construction and infrastructure sector is some of the most difficult executives to locate around the world and the success is dependent on the global reach of the search firm. With DHR’s 50+ offices, combined with the collaboration and cohesiveness between each office, the task is made much easier and much more successful for our clients. With the deep knowledge and expertise within the practice, DHR is also able to identify talent within different industry sectors and potentially move them to leadership roles. This expands the opportunity to find the right individual for the role adding deep sector knowledge.