“Our portfolio of packaging products and technologies is global. Facing consolidation, price pressures on inputs and commoditization of our outputs, we needed transformative leadership. DHR helped us find it.”

— Executive Chairman, Global Packaging Company


All signs point to continued strong growth in the packaging industry, and with that growth comes increased leadership needs. Trends include sustainable packaging, embedded sensors and integrated IoT, as well as expanded use of packaging as marketing differentiators.

With strong relationships up and down the supply chain, DHR understands the types of leaders needed in packaging—leaders who know how to forge collaborative partnerships, innovate for customers and streamline operations. Our global executive recruiting teams work together to find candidates from both within and outside the industry who have the high-level skills and functional knowledge that your organization needs.

We’ve conducted executive searches for packaging companies who focus on:

  • Contract packaging, filling and blending
  • Corrugated, paperboard, flexible and rigid packaging
  • Food service packaging
  • Molded plastics
  • Paper, film and foil manufacturing
  • Recycled materials

Find transformative leadership fast. 72% of searches are completed in 120 days.

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