Private Equity

DHR has made a strategic commitment to serving the unique needs of the Private Equity industry on a global basis.

DHR International has made a strategic commitment to serving the unique needs of the private equity (PE) industry on a global basis and related funds that make direct investments employing various asset strategies. The practice typically focuses on board, C-level and executive level positions in portfolio companies, including investors with a mandate for early-stage, growth equity as well as buyout transactions. The practice has completed portfolio company assignments across a range of funds with different investment strategies, including private equity firms of various size and scope, family offices, credit/distressed funds, hedge funds, activist investors, sovereign funds, angel investors, venture capital firms, pension funds and other investors that pursue a direct principal investing strategy (control as well as minority positions and co-investment working with a range of funds).

The practice is also active in search assignments focused on the internal investment and administrative hiring needs of its clients - associates, vice presidents, principals, operating partners, general partners, chief financial officers, compliance officers and so forth - working closely with colleagues in DHR's Financial Services Practice. This has included more classic asset/investment management positions overseeing alternative, private, direct and opportunistic investment strategies in a range of funds.

The Private Equity Practice Group consists of professionals who have direct experience working with investors in a wide range of traditional and emerging industries and businesses. Consultants within the practice are well-versed in the unique needs of everything from early stage venture-funded Internet companies to management buyouts in more traditional manufacturing companies; they also have experience in direct and opportunistic investing in various fund environments (PE firms, family offices, corporate, pension, etc.). Our team members come from industry operating positions, financial services platforms, related consulting and professional service organizations across industry sectors, as well as leading retained executive search firms. 

The practice works closely with colleagues that have specific domain and/or functional experience in various industries, such as software, Internet, healthcare, energy, mining, natural resources, industrial, retail, financial services, aerospace, business services and others. This close coordination with industry domain specialists and functional experts ensures a successful and more rapid search process. Similarly, the practice draws on the considerable professional resources in our Board & CEO Practice Group as clients consider board and CEO level succession plans and assignments focused on board-level governance and structure.

DHR's commitment to the private equity industry is underscored by its annual conference addressing human capital issues related to value creation in portfolio companies. Please click here to access a copy of the report summarizing the most recent conference. If you are an investment or operating partner working for a private equity firm and would like to learn about future events, contact Keith Giarman, global leader of the Private Equity Practice.

February 2021

21 in ’21

Lacking Latinx Representation on Your Board? We Can Help. DHR and Harvard Business School Latino Alumni Association (HBSLAA) have partnered on a program to place 21 Latinx executives on boards in 2021. More >

March 2021

DHR International & Harvard Business School Latino Alumni Association Launch Program to Grow Latinx Representation on Boards

DHR International & Harvard Business School Latino Alumni Association Launch Program to Grow Latinx Representation on Boards More >

March 2017 | White Papers

Chief Talent Officers in Private Equity Sponsored Companies

Private equity investors are placing a greater emphasis on driving operational value in their portfolio companies while, in many cases, holding investments longer. They have also come to realize that executives with the potential to create value and meet aggressive thresholds for investor returns—for the firm, themselves and the management team— are increasingly critical to success. More >

May 2016 | Harvard Business Review

How Private Equity Firms Hire CEOs

Corporate boards often say that succession planning is their top priority, but at publicly traded companies, directors rarely get to turn that planning into action: The average CEO tenure at S&P 500 firms is nearly 10 years. That’s in sharp contrast to the private equity world. PE firms hold investments in dozens of companies, and after making an investment, they nearly always replace the CEO. More >

January 2019 | White Papers

Chief Financial Officers in Private Equity Sponsored Companies

Some consider the skill set of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to be more “portable” from industry to industry or business model to business model than other senior level members of the executive team. Based on the experience of our clients in the Private Equity Practice, the core financial acumen and analytical competencies of an effective CFO can be appropriately applied in different industry or business settings; however, their success will depend on a multitude of situational factors. Is the CFO who successfully partnered with the CEO to grow a company and related infrastructure from $25 million to $100 million qualified to do the same in a company growing from $250 million to $1 billion? Perhaps not. Stage and proof points from prior experience matter. More >

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Chief Executive Officers in Private Equity Sponsored Companies

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