Leadership Consulting

Our experts advise clients on their most important leadership and talent management challenges.  

Leadership Consulting is provided by DHR consultants who specialize in Board Evaluation, Executive Assessment, Executive Coaching, High-Potential Identification, Onboarding, Succession Planning, and Team Effectiveness.

We combine unmatched industry expertise with highly sophisticated, data-driven assessment tools to provide actionable results. Rather than create lengthy reports that sit on bookshelves and collect dust, we focus on interpreting the data and helping you make fast and accurate decisions about your talent.

Whether your organization is identifying future CEO candidates, creating more effective teams, or coaching high-potential talent, Leadership Consulting will help verify your gut feel with powerful and proven data analytics.

At every step of the process we work as an extension of your team. Leadership decisions are almost always high stakes, high pressure, and high complexity. We help you cut through the clutter, focus on the most important leadership attributes, skills, and behaviors, and gain alignment about what matters most.

Our experts understand that selecting and developing the right leaders is the single best way to help organizations, of all shapes and sizes, achieve maximum impact and economic value.

We specialize in the following Leadership Consulting services:

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December 2020

Future Ready Leaders: Digital Acceleration with John Walsh

As part of our Future Ready Leaders series, John Walsh, Chief Strategic Accounts & Global Sales Officer at Accenture, shares advice on digital acceleration and managing in the current environment. More >

October 2020

Future Ready Leaders: Agility with Chris Ahern

As part of our Future Ready Leaders series, Chris Ahern, CEO of ZAGG, talks about how agility has helped the company weather the storm brought on by the COVID-19 crisis. More >

March 2020 | White Papers

Elevate Partners - Tips to Keep Your Team Engaged

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders are confronted with the task of keeping their teams engaged and motivated while facing the crisis. Keeping your team together and thriving doesn’t have to be overwhelming with the right strategies in place. Here are three tips to keep your team moving forward and examples from firms who have created strategies that work. More >

April 2020 | White Papers

Hiring a Leader? Accelerate Their Success with Virtual Onboarding

Becoming the leader of a team is an exciting but also stressful time, especially when compounded with navigating a new role during the COVID-19 pandemic. How can companies best prepare newly hired or newly promoted leaders to be successful in their roles when offices are closed, and in-person connections aren’t possible? More >

May 2020 | White Papers

Succession Planning During a Crisis: What you need to know now

The last couple of months have been a wake-up call for many organizations. The potential effect of COVID-19 on executive health has made Boards cognizant of the need to review their succession planning processes. More >

October 2020

Future Ready Leaders: Purpose with Everett Harper

Here, Everett Harper, CEO & Founder of Truss, talks about how his company’s values have helped drive a people-centric and purpose-driven culture that helps team members manage themselves and others more effectively. More >

September 2020

Future Ready Leaders: Agility with Khori Dastoor

Our Future Ready Leaders series asks CEOs and other top leaders what it takes to be a successful leader now and as we prepare for the future. Here, Khori Dastoor, General Director of San Jose Opera, talks about the importance of agility in moving her organization forward during the pandemic. More >

September 2020

Future Ready Leaders: Diversity and Inclusion

Our Future Ready Leaders series asks CEOs and other top leaders what it takes to be a successful leader now and as we prepare for the future. Here, Vijay Advani, Executive Chairman and past CEO of Nuveen, discusses the importance of diversity and inclusion. More >