Board Evaluation

Clarify focus and improve effectiveness.

Crucial to fostering high-performing boards, board evaluation supports successful corporate governance.

49% of directors believe that one of their fellow board members should be replaced.Beyond a NYSE requirement, evaluation of a company’s Board of Directors is now viewed as a best practice for any public or private company. However, self-evaluations are often ineffective, so boards increasingly seek external advisors to provide feedback on board culture, structure, and composition — and to ensure that critical stakeholders and constituencies are represented.

The board evaluation process

Our board evaluation process surfaces issues or concerns, clarifies common objectives, and ensures a cohesive team moving forward. We customize the assessment for areas of importance which typically include:

  • Purpose and strategy
  • Composition and structure
  • Core responsibilities
  • Risk management
  • Board culture
  • Board and CEO partnership
  • Board meetings
  • Future priorities

Our approach: provide objective feedback and actionable steps

Our board evaluation process clarifies goals and improves accountability.

Board and CEO Evaluation Process diagram


Our interview-based process provides insights beyond online assessments and is focused on the board's top areas of concern.


Neutral, third-party evaluation ensures objective feedback for individual directors, committees, and the board. 


We provide actionable steps that can be implemented immediately and improve board functioning.