Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Overall statistics for racial, ethnic, and gender diversity are better, but not showing major improvements. There is a clear case for change and a new approach.

DEI sidebar.jpgCompanies often site common perceived barriers to hiring and promoting diverse talent:

  • "We cannot find or promote the right talent."
  • "Our selection teams do not represent a diverse organization."
  • "When included in the process, diverse candidates are not selected."

There are solutions. From better talent planning to education programs to identify and reduce bias, it's important to develop a customized Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program that matches the challenges of the company's culture.

DHR, working with Diversity experts RJ Harris & Associates, provides best-in-class expertise from consultants who understand what it takes to implement DE&I strategies internally and have led initiatives at Fortune 100 Global organizations.

Together, our teams provide consultative services that focus on Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Leadership Consulting by:

  • Developing comprehensive diversity, equity and inclusion strategies
  • Designing diversity, equity and inclusion training programs
  • Developing, expanding, and providing guidance for business resource groups
  • Completing external diversity and culture surveys
  • Creating internal and external diversity communication strategies
  • Integrating DE&I into all aspects of talent management including selection, assessment, high-potential identification, succession planning, onboarding and coaching

Our approach



Diverse representation exists at all levels of the organization.


Differences are valued in the way people work together.

Fair & Equitable

People-processes are fairly and equitably managed.

Competitive Advantage

Diversity is leveraged in daily work and viewed as a competitive advantage.