Executive Coaching

Enhance individual performance.

Extraordinary leaders deliver extraordinary results. Rather than “buying” talent, top companies are identifying their high potentials and molding them into their future-ready leaders.

We help organizations identify the leadership needs of the organization through assessment and gap analysis, setting a course to build future-ready leaders through education, stretch goals and assignments, and executive coaching.

Beginning with a company’s growth strategy, our approach starts with identifying what the organization needs from their leader.

A formal development plan and success metrics ensure success for the individual leader as well as the company as a whole. Our coaching philosophy focuses leaders on honing the skills and preparing them for the experiences that propel leaders forward and minimizing the behaviors that hold them back.

Our approach: alignment to make the most impactful decision

Our executive coaching approach is based on a proven process but customized based on specific needs.

DHR-executive-coaching-chart.pngBased on Strategy

Future-ready leaders are developed based on the needs of the organization, grounded in the company’s strategy and current culture.

Comprehensive and Grounded in Data

Leaders are assessed to gain a well-rounded perspective of leadership style and current ability.

Measuring Growth and Readiness

Using the data as a baseline, metrics are created to objectively evaluate growth and leadership readiness.

Customized Plan

Every leader is unique, so we create an individual coaching development plan to meet their specific needs for optimal results.